aloeThe WorléeAloe brand eliminates guesswork and uncertainty about product
purity and quality while providing supply chain reliability and continuity
for modern day customers who are under constant production scheduling time constraints and cost saving pressures.

• Freeze/Spray dried powders – free of maltodextrin -conventional
and organic
• Dehydrated powders
• High polysaccharide content concentrates (from 10% to 80%)
• Organic and conventional liquids preservative free, with or
without pulp
• Aloe cubes (various sizes)
• Quality criteria in compliance with the IASC (International Aloe
Science Council) guidelines
• Comprehensive technical documentation and regulatory dossiers in
compliance with EU legislation for food and cosmetics, which customers need
for safety assessment
• Additional incoming quality control to meet customer requirements
(pesticides, heavy metals etc.)
• Organic certified