WorleeAqua Thix 100

WorleeAqua Base Thix 100 is a liquid acrylic dispersion designed to thicken, suspend and stabilize products containing low and high levels of surfactants or electrolytes. It is a cost effective and easy to handle product with numerous benefits. The formulator can create sophisticated cleansing products with different textures ranging from clear formulations with suspended particles to pearlescent systems and oil-rich shower creams.

• High thickening efficiency in surfactant systems 
• Good suspension properties
• Stabilization of insoluble materials (silicone, oils)
• High clarity at pH >6.0
• Easy-to-use liquid form, cold process
• Works with active surfactant levels from 5 – 30% 
• Synergistic thickening with salt 
• Good compatibility with cationic polymers

INCI: Acrylates Copolymer