Sun Chemical

INTENZA® Generation I&IIIntense chroma and unique interference effects.
INTENZA® Generation IIIPearlescent pigments for cosmetic applications offering bold effects and flexibility.
SPECTRAFLEX® Focus PigmentsSoft focus and iridescent effect pigments.
SunCROMA® An extensive range of organic and inorganic pigments.
SunPURO® PearlescentsNatural mica pearlescent pigments.
SunSHINE® Color EffectsSynthetic mica pearlescent pigments for a mesmerizing look combining luster and clarity with chromaticity of absorption colour.
SunSHINE® Color Travel EffectsPremium synthetic mica-based pearls offering unparalleled colour travel, luster and transparency to deliver a unique visual allure. When combined with conventional cosmetic pigments, striking colour transitions can be achieved.
SunSHINE Mystic BlackPearlescent, jet black shimmer for your cosmetics
SunSHINE® Soft EffectsUltrafine synthetic mica pearls that strike a unique balance between light transmittance and reflection to deliver a radiant look while minimising the appearance of surface imperfections.
SunSHINE® Spectral EffectsNext generation synthetic mica platform. Utilising a unique deposition process, these pigments possess greater clarity, luster and chroma than previously achievable.
SynMICA® FillersSynthetic fluorphlogopite for cosmetic applications. The clarity you require, the texture you desire.