shapeperfectionShapePerfection is a liposoluble anti-cellulite slimming active ingredient that is based on a purified extract of organic mustard sprouts combined with a synthetic analog of capsaicin.

• activates the microcirculation and therefore fights water retention
• “empties” the cells of the adipose tissue by converting fat-accumulating adipocytes into cells that actively burn fat.

Clinical studies performed for 8 weeks showed the rapid, strong and visible slimming and anti-cellulite effects of ShapePerfection:

• Waist: -3.4 cm
• Abdomen: -4.1 cm
• Upper arm: almost -1 cm
• Cellulite (dermis-hypodermis junction distance): -18.2 %.

INCI: Brassica Alba Sprout Extract (and) Hydroxymethoxybenzyl Pelargonamide (and) Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride