Unispheres Series

Unispheres are decorative beads that can contain active ingredients, fragrances, colours or glitters.

They offer highly visual effects. Unispheres are hard and free-flowing in their dry state, but soften in water (retaining their shape).

Variants available:
Sizes: 0.5 – 1.5 mm
Colours: A vast range of colours are available
Active loading: Unispheres containing vitamins and other actives are available.
Glitter or mica loading: Contain high amounts of glitter / mica only visible on rub-out
Gold and Silver: Unispheres grades available with vivid gold and silver visual effects

3D Unispheres® Beads
In 2017 we launched a new range of “colour explosion” 3D Unispheres® ingredients. They contain highly contrasted visual pigments to light up any bath and shower ritual by instantly colouring the foam. They have been designed in 3 colors:

  • Blue Explosion (Unispheres UF0M-774S)
  • Green Explosion (Unispheres GF0M-776S)
  • Red Explosion (Unispheres RF0M-777S)

Be captivated by their magic “WOW effect” stimulating positive moods and emotions. These fascinated colored spheres can also be used to make kids spend sufficient time for washing their hands, as well as making the bath and shower rituals became an unforgettable fun and visual experience.

Unispheres® XS

In 2014 we launched Unispheres® XS: Xtra Smart beads: Xtra Small size for Xtra Big Visual effect

  • 5 existing standards (white, yellow, red, greend & blue)
  • Loaded with Vitamin E to protect skin from oxidation
  • Small is stylish, smart and sophisticated

Enhance the visual attractiveness of your products

INCI: Lactose (and) Cellulose (and) Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose