ProductINCI/ DescriptionComments 
Cholesterol BP
(Feed grade)
CholesterolConfirms to BP Min 91% purity
Cholesterol EPCholesterolConfirms to BP Min 95% purity
Cholesterol NF (USP)CholesterolConforms to National Formulary Min 95% purity
Floraesters® 15Jojoba EstersMelting point: 10-15°C
Floraesters® 20Jojoba EstersMelting point: 42-48°C
Floraesters® 30Jojoba EstersMelting point: 47-51°C
Floraesters® 60Jojoba EstersMelting point: 56-60°C
Floraesters® 70Jojoba EstersMelting point: 66-70°C
Floraesters® IPJIsopropyl Jojobate (and) Jojoba Alcohol (and) Jojoba EstersSuperior wetting and binding, light dry feel
Floraesters® K-100 JojobaAqua (and) Hydrolysed Jojoba Esters (and) Jojoba Esters Good substantivity, fragrance fixative, skin hydration
Floraesters® K-20W JojobaAqua (and) Hydrolysed Jojoba EstersGood substantivity, fragrance fixative, skin hydration
Floralipids® Moringa ButterMoringa Oil/Hydrogenated Moringa Oil EstersUnique butter with less greasiness compared to shea butter. Excellent emolliency
Floramac® 10Ethyl MacadamiateDry emollient, similar to silicones, high penetration, slip
Floramac® Macadamia OilMacadamia Integrifolia Seed OilElegant, 'cushion' skin feel
Florasun® 90Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) OilExcellent oxidative stability, emolliency, lubricity, smooth skin feel
Isopropyl Lanolate (IPL)Isopropyl LanolateAcid value 18 max
Oat Lipid eAvena Sativa Kernel OilEmollient, rich in EFAs and antioxidants
Worlee SqualaneSqualaneOlive-derived. Non-GMO