Botanical Extracts

Lipoid Kosmetik AG – format options for Botanical Extracts

Ecoverte ExtractsCOSMOS-certified Extracts From Organic Farming
Fruit NectarsA range of fruit nectars, stabilised and transparent. Very high concentrations of fresh fruit constituents.
Herbamilk®A luscious palette of natural plant milks
Herbasec®Dry powder plant extracts
Herbasol®High quality liquid plant extracts
Herbasol® Ecoverte™COSMOS-certified Extracts From Organic Farming
Herbasol® Fruit &
Herbal Vinegars
A range of fruit & herbal vinegars, specially optimised for use in bath & shower
Herbaspheres™Natural Herbamilk®
LipoHerbasec®Dry botanical extracts in a liposomal matrix
Outback Spirit™ BotanicalsOutback Spirit Botanicals is a partnership between Outback Spirit Pty Ltd and Lipoid Kosmetik AG to bring sustainable botanical extracts to the market.