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Technical Articles

ProTec Formulation Showcase #4: Perfect Skin
April 2017

In-Cosmetics 2017: a review of our exciting new launches
April 2017

Pinolumin: Relax your skin – enjoy a flawless complexion
March 2017

Beauty awards 2016: A study of the winning formulas & our solutions
February 2017

ProTec Formulation Showcase #3: Sun Care innovations
January 2017

Exciting new Haircare data from Floratech
December 2016

SCS Formulation 2016 review
November 2016

Early Boost: Energising & Anti-ageing
November 2016

Floramac 10: Silicone alternative
October 2016

ProTec Formulation Showcase: Male Grooming Innovations
September 2016

Introducing our latest partner: EFP Biotek
September 2016

Organic Baobob Oil: Nourishing Skin Naturally
August 2016

Hydrolats: 100% true distillates, natural and unpreserved
August 2016

Skin in the city: Anti-pollution active ingredients from Codif
July 2016

ProTec Formulation Show Case: Hair Care Innovations
June 2016

Innovative new ingredient launches from Lipoid
May 2016

A summary of our new launches from In-Cosmetics Paris
April 2016

Saskatoon Berry & Chia Seed from Lipoid
March 2016

AquaCacteen: soothes & hydrates skin
February 2016

ProTec is your partner for alternatives to Microbeads
January 2016

Introducing our new Floviva fruit oils
December 2015

WorleeAloe: Nature in its purest form
November 2015

Corneosticker DS: Skin Perfecting “Dressing” – Refines & Blurs
October 2015

Floraesters K20W Jojoba: Improves sunscreen water-resistance
September 2015

Organic Baobab Oil: Nourishing Skin Naturally
August 2015

PerfectionPeptide P7: The Cellular Defence Regulator
June 2015

Skin neuroageing: A new anti-ageing strategy from Codif
May 2015

In-Cosmetics 2015 review: award-winning innovation on display from our partners
April 2015

Bioscrub: new patented, readily biodegradable exfoliants
March 2015

Et-VC: The new generation Vitamin C derivative
February 2015

Exopolysaccharides: unique Anti-ageing skincare active ingredients
January 2015

2014 end of year review
December 2014

SCS Formulate 2014 review
November 2014

Hydrolats: 100% true distillates, natural and unpreserved
November 2014

SCS Formulate preview
October 2014

Redensyl: Reactivates hair follicle stem cells for astonishing hair growth
September 2014

Floraesters K20W Jojoba: Increases hydration, firmness and elasticity in face wipes / masks
August 2014

Unimer PVP Copolymers: High efficacy film-formers competitively priced and with short lead-times
July 2014

WorleeAqua Thix 100: Excellent thickening & suspension in surfactants with superior attributes
June 2014

Lakesis from Codif: Awakens youth proteins in the skin
May 2014

In-Cosmetics 2014: A review of our key launches from Hamburg
April 2014

Introducing Sun Chemical: World-renowned Mica and Fluorphlogopite Pearlescent Pigments
March 2014

Introducing ProTec Botanica Ltd: Our sister company focuses on natural oils and butters
February 2014

Snow Algae Powder: Repairing the effects of time by mimicking calorie restriction
January 2014

Company News from 2013: a summary of key launches
December 2013

Hydranov: Innovative moisturising active ingredient targeting Epidermal Hyaluronic Acid
November 2013

Corum 9515: Stabilised, superior Vitamin C derivative
October 2013

Codif Active Selector Part 4: Anti-ageing
October 2013

Codif Active Selector Part 3: Body Care
October 2013

Codif Active Selector Part 2: Face Care
September 2013

Codif Active Selector Part 1: Slimming & Anti-cellulite
September 2013

Worlee joins the ProTec portfolio
August 2013

Colloidal Oatmeal: Independent study shows high moisturisation and impressive formulation benefits
July 2013

Floraesters K20W in Self Tanning: Reduces odour, increases colour intensity and boosts hydration
June 2013

PhytoCellTecTM Symphytum: Stem Cell Activation for Smoother and More Even Skin
May 2013

Lipoid Kosmetik: The new name for Cosmetochem
May 2013

Neodermyl®: The “needle free” collagen and elastin filler
April 2013

Actiporine 8.G: An innovation in treating cellulite
April 2013

Unimer U-1946: The smart, customised polymer for colour cosmetics & skincare
March 2013

Ecoscrub: 100% biodegradable scrub particles made from renewable sources
February 2013

Unishapes: Create unique 3D visual effects in your products
January 2013

Epidermist 4.0: New Skin Building Active Ingredient from Codif
December 2012

Matrigenics.14 G: “reactivates 14 genes for a 14 day visible anti-ageing effect.”
September 2012

BBC Horizon Special: a series of articles in response to this Anti-ageing focus
July 2012