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Formula NameFormula NumberDescription 
After Sun LotionG3N3SA light soothing after-sun lotion provides moisturisation for dry and sun burned skin.
Daily moisturising lotion with SPFPTIB21004A light day cream with an estimated SPF 15. Suitable for daily use it is light and easily absorbed. The inclusion of EcoSoftª 608 helps your skin feel soft and smooth throughout the day. Whilst Hydrofiltrat Statice G provides a protective and restorative action against UVA and UVB radiation.
In Shower Self TanGR3B3Easy and smooth to apply for a beautiful sunkissed glow, leaving your skin hydrated and soft. By using daily
the colouration builds gradually to give a natural tan.
Natural SPF CreamG1P0NProtect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun with this fragrance and chemical filter free cream.
Resconcept Spray 30GL0W5This SPF30 advanced formula uses Res Pharmas expertise in emulsion concentates to protect your skin from sun damage and
premature ageing.
SPF Cream with OAT COM USPPAL12SCOThis formulation was produced to demonstrate how 2% OAT COM USP greatly improves the sensory attributes of an emulsion containing sunscreens. Feel the lubricious rub in and non-greasy, light after feel for yourself. Compare it against the control formulation with no Colloidal Oatmeal.
SPF Lotion with RESCONCEPT® SUN HP WR NCGL0SSWith an SPF of 30* this lotion is easy to manufacture using the Resconcept range from Res Pharama.

Spray and Go SunscreenG4V3LA Sunblock spray provides water resistant UVA/UVB protection without drying out the skin due to the
emolliency of Floraesters K-20W which in other high alcohol systems has shown to increase hydration.
Sun Cream with Lipoid EmulsifiersG1RT4A Formulation to showcase some of our best Suncare ingredients. Floramac® 10 is an excellent solvent for
sunscreens with a dry emollient feel.
Sun Protection Spray SPF 20 with Resconcept® SUN 30 WRGR4B5This SPF 20* advanced formula uses Res Pharma's expertise in emulsion concentrates to protect your skin from sun damage and
premature ageing with its enhanced UVA/UVB filter system.
Sun StickGH05TProvides ultra protection against long-term skin damage and premature ageing caused by the sun.